At home with my roses. i used to look after my nan’s garden and a cutting came from there when we moved here in the 70s.

This is the personal blog of Kev, music fan, metaller, photographer, filmmaker, baker, technician engineer, lecturer, teacher…

I am a single (and looking) man based in East Sussex, getting by with life, learning new knowledge and skills, passing on my knowledge and skills, having new experiences, meeting new people, visiting places. I try to be as eco-friendly as I can and I would rather help people than make them suffer. I am also a dietary vegan, some would use the new term plant based.

The reason I feel confident enough to do different things in my life is that I had the formation of an engineer, educated to postgrad level, including a French engineering qualification, and I am a believer in lifelong learning. I’m a qualified lecturer and TEFL teacher who currently works short contracts in both of those fields, passing on my knowledge and experience to young people. I am also a semi-professional photographer and I am starting out as a filmmaker with my business. My photos have been published in magazines, hang on walls, appear in CDs and on publicity materials. I was recently a vegan baker working with a friend as 1066 Cakestand (watch this space for our next cooking project).

Corpsepaint for Jack In the Green. JitG is a hastings festival over the mayday bank holiday weekend.

I take pride in myself and my experiences. I am proud of my adopted county, East Sussex, and its traditions. I take pride in being English, British, European and a world citizen. I oppose those who corrupt pride with bigotry, authoritarianism, racism and other negativity.

Masked up in Newhaven. I am wearing a french festival t-shirt, a mask from a canadienne who I met last time i was there and mjölnir, from a spaniard the first time i was there. behind is the union flag and the cross of st george.

What is Sussex Black? Yes, I live in Sussex and I am very much into Black Metal but it’s also the name of a Sussex recipe for a dark cake. Hopefully that’s got your tastebuds going and I will post more as a blog next time I make it.