Music and Working Out

Music: inspiration, pleasure, relaxation, background, aural wallpaper. Music can affect moods and affect how you approach different tasks. It can also set you up psychologically to achieve better things.

The last couple of weekends whilst I was training at the gym, we had a change of music from the normal background that we listen to there. Normally, the music is some uninspiring pop music, with very few really interesting tracks and slightly more musically irritating tracks. Last Sunday and the Sunday before we had rock music coming out of the speakers. Whilst the tracks aren’t generally what I would listen to on a regular basis, these classic heavy metal and rock tracks had more of a beat to work out to and the majority were familiar. My time on the cross-trainer seemed to fly by and I was inspired to push myself a bit more on the resistance machines.

It’s not the first time that I have noticed the effect of appropriate music on physical activity. Back in the 80s, when aerobics was the in thing, I did some sessions with friends and we had disco and chart electronic pop music playing, which also had a good beat to move to.

A few years ago I attended an evening of MMA bouts in which my nephews were competing. I couldn’t help but notice that the tracks the competitors had chosen for their entrances had an effect on or would predict the outcome of the fight. Whoever came out to the more aggressive track, be it heavy metal or rap, would win the bout. If someone came out to some R’n’B or lighter rock, they stood no chance.

Up until now I have been avoiding putting earphones in whilst in the gym. From now on I shall remember to take mine in and pick an appropriate soundtrack.

Featured image: Reza and Petros from King Goat. They are both personal trainers.