How Did I Get Here? Why Am I Me?

There are many incidents that shape us throughout our lives but can you pinpoint one or more pivotal moments, without which things would have been so much different? Can you point the finger of blame and single out someone or several people to whom you owe this focal point?

Focus: to concentrate on a point.

Focus – Sylvia live at prognosis 2022

At the age of thirteen I was listening to classical music, folk, light opera and early sixties pop, so a friend called David thought I needed educating in current popular music. He lent me a compilation of UK Top Twenty hits. When I returned it, he got a bit pissed off that I hadn’t liked the commercial pop tracks on it but did like two tracks from this crazy Dutch group instead. I probably did like some of the more commercial pop to some extent but it was “Hocus Pocus” and “Sylvia” that stood out.

Focus – Hocus Pocus Live at Prognosis 2022

From there, I started listening to other prog rock bands, heavy metal and many of their offshoots and connections, including metal, which I have got into more this century. Most of the friends I have made have been through having similar music tastes. It informs the way I dress, my hairstyle, my holidays (going to gigs and festivals) and the majority of pictures I take.

Had he chosen a different album, from a slightly different date or from a different record label, what would have happened? Would I be the same me?