Be My Valentine

Broken heart balloon

So, another year when I am single on Valentine’s Day. Unlike a lot of other singletons, I am not upset by couples declaring their love for one another. Maybe it’s because I am a romantic at heart, and, if I can’t be in love myself, it’s nice to see others who are.

What does put me off is the over the top commercialised behaviour of some people and the big corporations. Every year it seems to get worse. There are a lot of ways of making that romantic gesture without having to purchase overpriced cards, flowers and valentines targetted gifts. With all of these types of purchases, there is a lot of waste and a lack of love for the planet and by extension, the rest of us. The other option is to do something romantic or make something yourself – a cake, biscuits, a meal, a piece of art, even a handwritten card. Failing that, there are a lot of artists who have work available, either locally or through the internet.

On Monday, I got a few questioning looks from some of my students as I was wearing a pink cloth rose. Whilst it was from an attractive woman, I wasn’t the only one to have one. The previous night I had been to Beth McCarthy‘s Anti-Valentines gig, a great night, culminating with her throwing these cloth roses out to the audience. (The pictures are from that gig © Green Wyvern Photography).

A selfie after the gig