A Vegan Eating Out

Vegan Pizza and vegan beer

Back in the 90s, well before I went vegan, I was with a vegan partner. Quite often when we ate out we had to plan where we were going or phone up beforehand to check the availability of vegan meals (the internet wasn’t ubiquitous then). I remember at least one occasion where she negotiated with the kitchen for something to eat. Quite often a stuffed pepper was offered, something that she was never a great fan of.

Fast forward to 2021 and the options are countless, with very few restaurants in the UK not offering a vegan option and other dietary options. There are many restaurants that are exclusively vegan, so many that one can generally afford to ignore omnivore restaurants and even vegetarian restaurants. Some places are better served than others.

When I started this blog, part of the plan was to post about vegan food and the places where I had eaten. As we were in lockdown and the hospitality industry was one of the last sectors to reopen, I put this on hold. I could have posted things about delivered food whilst I was working away in July and August but decided to wait until I was able to have a sitdown meal first. I have now managed to do that so I shall start posting about restaurants that I have eaten at.

During lockdown, several places that I would have liked to have written about have closed their doors or have changed to non-vegan menus. There are also a few restaurants that I have eaten at in the past, where I am unlikely to eat at again due to not revisiting the towns in which they are situated so I will include them, if they are still open. I know that at least one of the restaurants in Italy that I would recommend is still serving, as are several in the UK.

I shall start with a restaurant in London that serves East African food from Eritrea. Keep your eyes open for the blog.