Man in bed. Dream bubble showing soldier.

How many of you remember dreams? Are those dreams quite vivid, are they fanciful, are they rooted in real life?

I don’t remember many dreams that I have, usually only those that are interrupted by an alarm or something similar.

Most of my adult life, and, at the time my service finished, half of my life, I was in the army, mainly as a TA soldier or reservist but also as a regular soldier and on operational deployment. All in all, it was a major part of my life.

The most vivid dreams that I can remember from the past few years have involved some form of military duty, having been called back. The other morning I awoke with memories of dream where I was being mobilised for an operational theatre somewhere, having had to travel to Europe to join a unit before flying back to the UK and then on to theatre. Somehow I had got onto the continent despite having forgotten my passport. The strange thing about it was the people I met out there were people I had served with in the UK. At the moment, my waking mind is on finding a temporary job and possibly travelling somewhere to take it up so maybe that is what triggered it.

A few weeks ago I had a dream about being with my old regiment sailing from Bergen in Norway to the opposite side of Sweden to practice infantry skills, including beach landings. At the time I should have been looking forward to travelling in Scandinavia, including Bergen and Sweden, as that had been my plan before Covid-19 put paid to plans for the summer.

There have also been dreams of horse-riding on a parade, something I managed to do in my final year in uniform, and more mundane events.

What does it all mean? I do miss the life I had and the opportunities for different experiences that being in the reserves gives you. As a former telecomms tech, I miss the technical side of things a lot, there aren’t much but basic technical skills involved in teaching electronic engineering. Having said that, my life has filled with other events and experiences since then and I wonder how I had the time to do the army stuff alongside whatever I was doing in civvie life.

There are some people who believe that dreams tell you something. Maybe I am looking ahead at what I will be doing and these dreams remind me of some of the ways I got here, albeit looking forward to another reality. Or maybe I am missing that life more than I thought.

What do you think?

On exercise somewhere in germany 2014. Picture taken by Mina,
© MoD